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Friday, December 30, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Fish is what was for dinner a week before Christmas. For once, it was a sunny warm day here in Lima instead of a cloudy warm day. I thought hmmmm some sort of grilled fish sounds good. So I went again to Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour and started digging through her recipes. She had yet to steer me wrong so I figured when I found one of her little Tilapia gems. I basically followed what she did with a minor adjustment or two. It was one of those few dishes where I can actually get everything it calls for without any of those Lima limitations popping up. I served it with some brown rice and a variety of grilled veggies.

2-4 Tilapia fillets

1 cup Zesty Italian Dressing
2 tsp. crushed red pepper
mixed veggies {enough for a side for 2-4 people}
brown rice {enough for a side for 2-4 people}
2 tbsp. grated parmesan cheese {more for garnish if you choose}

First I got the freaking brown rice going. Whatever Peruvian brand I bought seems to take like 45 freaking minutes. I recommend using anything that is faster than that shit. As for the veggies, I picked up whatever sounded good at the store which ended up being a little bit of white onion, broccoli, red bell pepper and carrots. I just diced and seasoned those up with some salt and pepper and put it in a foil package that had been sprayed with a little bit of Pam {or whatever nonstick spray you have on hand} I think it took about 20 or 25 minutes on the grill. I put those on right as I threw the fish into the fridge to marinate for a bit.

All this fish needs is that cup of Italian dressing, red pepper flakes, and the parmesan cheese {I used the powdered Kraft stuff for marinating purposes and then freshly grated for garnish purposes}. I just grabbed a gallon ziplock bag and poured in the dressing, pepper flakes and the cheese. I placed those tilapia fillets in there and sealed it up! I proceeded to give it a gentle shake for a couple minutes to coat everything. I also may or may not have danced around singing "shake shake shake! shake your booty!"........ Okay let's focus back now to cooking and not that silly image of me dancing and singing around. I placed it in the fridge for about 15 minutes. At some point before I started preparing this, I had the husband get the good ol' Webber Grill going. If you don't have a Webber you could use a George Foreman type grill if you so choose or even a propane grill. I plopped that fish on there and poured a little marinate over the top and after a few minutes, flipped the fish over and poured a little more marinate on the top. After a few more minutes it was done. As A result we ended up with this freaking goodness on our plates.

And since we love some Parmesan cheese up in this house, we sprinkled some on top and then dug in to enjoy!!!!! This is a definite must do again when the sun shows it's beautiful face again!

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