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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Borderline Obsession

This may or may not be a good thing?  I think I have developed a borderline obsession with these beef empanadas I made. They make me question my judgement in cutting the recipe in half so that I wouldn't have an unmanageable amount of leftovers. I'm currently living in a state of regret. I kind of felt bad for the leftover won ton soup that had to live up to the expectations of my taste buds after that last bite of empanada. They make me wish I had an empanada dispenser on the fridge. Think of an ice dispenser but instead it dispenses ready to bake empanadas. Yeah I know, horribly obsessed.

While these weren't the prettiest looking empanadas to grace this earth, they were some of the tastiest. I would like to thank Pinterest again for delivering this tasty recipe into my life. For the delicious recipe, I shall send you to Handle the Heat and then leave you with a picture of one of my not so great looking, but overly delicious empanadas.
Mmmmmm empanada and diet coke <3

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