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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The theme this week seems to be chicken, aside from the Mongolian beef I plan to make... Yesterday was Chicken Parmesan the way my mom always made it with some wild rice, asparagus for the husband and broccoli for me... Tonight I adventured into chicken pot pie making... I didn't give a rats ass, a cows ass, a spiders ass (etc., etc. etc.) if the husband says he doesn't like chicken pot pie... I have not had one in like a year (basically since  before I moved down here to Lima) so god dammit we were having a chicken pot pie!!! I chose to try out this recipe from Annie's Eats... Instead of 6-8 little ones I did two larger (one for tonight and one that I'll freeze for the future) and experimented with a mini full crust one...
We ate half of this one

Plenty of left overs!!!
Good news is that the husband, Scott, did enjoy the chicken pot pie... He just doesn't have a fondness for them like I do... And as I told him, I can't help that Marie Callendar made delicious little microwaveable convenient little chicken pot pies for the "server on the go" (more like poor morning time management)... These I would have to say were more delicious... less convenient (and who cares, I have the time since I don't work), but much much more delicious!

Now that I've started a gaggle of leftovers going, I'll either make tomorrow a left over night or make some crock pot Mongolian beef and I've got plans for whipping up some chicken pad thai this week too!

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